Interview with George Collins: Activities Officer Candidate – Elections 2024 


Caitlyn Taft (she/her) from SCAN interviewed George Collins (he/him) on why he is running for Activities Officer for the Students’ Union.

George is a 4th year Politics student from Graduate College. He’s previously served on execs as President and Secretary but also worked for LUSU Events Crews.

  1. What needs to happen to society training to ensure that it is accessible for all? What additional help would you propose to help students’ with accommodations, neurodivergence, disabilities, etc?

George told about how he feels like execs and societies aren’t equipped on how to accommodate certain students.

“There needs to be simple training on how to understand neurodivergent students. It shouldn’t be a welfare issue. I want to help execs and train them to be more accessible. Societies should be accessible to all.”

  1. You have said that you would collaborate with sports and societies on implementing the “sports review”. Can you tell me more about what that means for both parties?

George told me more about the Sports Review and how it’s now at a point of implementation.

“I want this framework on paper because, from my knowledge, there’s no documentation of it. I want to bring sports teams in and see their thoughts on this. I feel like societies should be brought in as it’s a tier system. Some societies do lots of competitions, like dance societies or karting,  they travel quite far away and represent the university amazingly but they get no recognition. This needs to change.”

  1. What is the University’s Space Review and how can you ensure that spaces are being used correctly/ effectively for students?

George discussed the difficulties of the room booking system.

“Societies can only book after 6pm. I’m not saying I will ensure they can book it before 6pm as that would be a false promise. But I want to look at it and get feedback from societies. Obviously, we cannot overrule the academic side of things. Perhaps having a week by week system could be beneficial. Like everyone, I want Wednesday afternoons free.”

  1. What engagement would you want the Students’ Union to have with media groups? 

One of George’s manifesto points focuses on media groups alone.

“We need to push media [groups] consistently. Media do so much and we need to continue to have talks with them about what they want and need. Putting on live events, getting LA1TV and BailriggFM to film and record it. Having more relaxed events as well for media groups to work with.”

  1. Can you tell me more about this framework you would want to purpose in order to meet the unique needs of media groups (LA1TV, SCAN, BailriggFM, and Take2Cinema)?

George continued and told me:

“I’m engaging with media groups now to find out how they feel. I want to have a clear forum where media groups feel comfortable to express their issues. Media is always shoved in with societies and they need unique treatment. We need to care for them and maintain their equipment.”

  1. What plans would you have in place to work with JCRs to encourage the collaboration between them and the entertainment provided by societies?

Including societies and JCRs is something that George mentions in “going to the bar” in his manifesto.

“Speaking to each JCR is the first thing, as each has their own branding. Having a nice rota a term in advance to have weekly events with societies. Working with JCRs and contacting the societies to engage with both as well. This will also help with JCRs and SU communication as the SU will know about events in advance and be able to promote them. The current newsletter is too long. It needs to be shorter and sharper for people to know what’s going on.” 

  1. How would you go about standardising the college space and bar bookings work?

George told me about the issues currently happening with the bookings of college spaces.

“Some college spaces are bookable but by different means. County you have to email and sometimes things are double booked. Bowland, you have to email and fill out a form. If there was a spreadsheet of what’s going on, it would help the process go smoothly. I want to see if I can do this to make a better bar scene across campus.”

To vote for George Collins, you can head over to the LUSU website.

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