Interview with Nathan Mooney: President Candidate – Elections 2024



Caitlyn Taft (she/her) from SCAN interviewed Nathan Mooney (he/him) on why he is running for President for the Students’ Union.

Nathan is a 3rd year Law student. He was also previously Lonsdale JCR’s President and the college’s current VP President. 

  1. You mention rent freezes, would this be for all forms of accommodation on campus or a select few like townhouses and standard accommodation?

In Nathan’s manifesto, one of his main points is regarding rent freezes for campus accommodation.

“Bowland [College] currently has some rent freezes right now. We should look where students are applying and ideally would love pinpointing which ones are too expensive for students. Rent is going up but there’s a lack of applications for accommodation on campus. Students are having to work and prioritise work because they need money to pay for rent. That’s not okay, we’re here to learn not to worry about rent.”

  1. How would you implement meetings with local MPs to discuss the current, for some students, unsustainable maintenance loan in your efforts to make an affordable and accessible campus environment?

Relating to the first question, Nathan continued talking about the cost of living crisis.

“I want to get student MPs involved because they understand the struggles of the current students. The cost of living [crisis] is becoming accepted but that’s not okay. It’s not normal for students to go hungry and it’s not normal for students to struggle to pay for rent. We shouldn’t be accepting this.”

  1. How do you envision a university strike plan coming to fruition?

Nathan pinpointed how the plan would happen and it starts with communication.

“It starts with major consultations with the university, postgrads, teaching staff, and undergrads. We’re in a position where we know the strikes will happen again. Everyone should have the right to strike. We should be supporting each other. Teaching staff, if they want, could explain why people are striking for students to understand why this is happening.”

  1. I know there are careers/ internships available throughout campus. How will you ensure that adding career/internship positions within LUSU will have a positive impact on both parties (students and LUSU)?

Nathan mentions careers/ internships in his manifesto, he told me:

“This gives students opportunities to try new things. Lancaster is so small and local workplaces are competitive. It doesn’t have to be loads of students as that’s not feasible as staff have to do their jobs.”

  1. What in your time as Lonsdale JCR’s President and Vice President have you taken that will help you to create a  JCR + LCO review?

Nathan told me about his experience and how it’s impacted parts of his manifesto, most notably the JCR and LCO review.

“JCRs and LCOs aren’t working the best. The execs and members need to be better supported. Raising awareness of these positions and speaking to students to understand what they want. FTOs are here to work for the students. Sometimes, it comes across as FTOs having ideas and not running it past student leaders. I want there to be better communication to avoid confusion.”

  1. What is the Sugar Reward Scheme? Who will it benefit?

He continues his point, saying he wants to give back to students, especially student leaders:

“We’re not utilising LUSU shops and Sugar enough. I want students to feel like their work is appreciated. Maybe we could have a system for students to get something back from the union for spending their money in Sugar.”

Nathan discussed money to me and lead to speaking about his point about drug and induction workshops:

“Making the university financially viable is important.It means we can fund for more education with drug awareness and sexual health. Having drug and induction workshops will raise awareness of drug awareness and sexual health. It’s inevitable that some students will use drugs, but this is a chance to reduce the harm. It’s an opportunity to safeguard and educate students.”

  1. You talk about “improved accessibility for access and opportunity funds”, what do you mean by this and how will you improve the accessibility of these funds?

To Nathan, raising awareness of these funds this the most important thing, he added:

“Jack’s work on the Sports Access Fund is a great example. It helps students who are already struggling financially. Having better connections with other sabbatical FTOs in the UK means we can create a formal network to work out how LUSU can improve accessibility for access and opportunity funds.”

To vote for Nathan Mooney, check out the Students’ Union website.

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