Storm Eunice Wreaks Havoc on Lancaster Uni Campus: Roofs Destroyed, Areas Closed, Ambulance Sighted


Ultra-rare red weather warnings come in as ‘worst storm in decades’ hits the UK; Lancaster prepares for huge damages.

On the 18th of February, Storm Eunice smashed into the UK at record 122mph wind speeds. Already, Lancaster University campus is seeing catastrophic damages and widespread area closures monitored by security teams.

SCAN learned today that the gusty winds ripped off the roof from Slaidburn House on campus, forcing student-favourite Sultans to close out of concern for injury. Footage is circling social media of the moment Storm Eunice peeled the roof away from the building.

Footage: Hattie Knox

Since then, The Circle – Edward Roberts Court – has been closed off to students and monitored by security teams who declined a comment to SCAN about the wreckage.

To add to the unease, there have been reported sightings of an ambulance outside Fylde college accommodation and one in the University Underpass. Although it is unclear at this time whether the presence of emergency vehicles is in response to injuries or as a precaution.

Lancaster University students have expressed their opinions on the storm with first year Bowland student, Hannah Anderson, telling SCAN that “in all seriousness as long as no one gets hurt, it’s actually quite exciting, although very telling at how fast the roof caved.”

Another student said that they “feel the campus should be closed; other Universities have closed their campuses to protect students so I don’t understand why Lancaster didn’t follow suit.”

The road down to the South Spine by the Ruskin Centre has now been blocked off. It is unclear if this is precautionary or due to storm damage.

Damage caused by the storm has, so far, forced Sultans, Spar, Goburrito and other campus shops to close for the time being until it is safe to open doors. However, Sultans are offering free chicken burgers at Alexandra Square from 4.30PM today.

As well as Slaidburn House, the roof of the Gordon Manley Building has also been damaged and although SCAN is without confirmation, it is reported that the preschool roof has been damaged and Wyresdale Road has been blocked by a fallen tree.

In town, Coulston Road has also seen a fallen tree. In a Facebook post, Lancaster Area Police warned residents:

“COULSTON RD in LANCASTER is currently impassable due to a fallen tree. Please avoid. We are receiving multiple calls of a similar nature. It’s dangerous out here and getting worse. Stay safe!”

Image: Ami Clement

Speaking on behalf of Lancaster University Students’ Union, President Oliver Robinson told SCAN:

“Whilst Lancaster looks like it may be escaping some of the worst of Storm Eunice, that’s no reason to be complacent. Follow the guidance from trusted sources and minimise or delay unnecessary journeys wherever possible.

Please make sure that you are taking all necessary precautions and looking out for one another.”


Lancaster University have issued the following statement in response to Storm Eunice:

“We are asking all members of our Lancaster University community on campus and at home to remain vigilant today as Storm Eunice affects the UK. We are advising people to stay indoors where possible until the storm passes as there could be flying debris caused by the very high winds.

“On campus, the high winds have affected the roofs of two buildings – the Gordon Manley Building, which is part of LEC, and Slaidburn House, a student accommodation building near Edward Roberts Court. As a safety measure Edward Roberts Court, as well as the perimeter road between the roundabout at the top of Bigforth Drive and the Preschool Centre, are closed for the time being. Retailers in Edward Roberts Court are also closed as part of this safety measure. The rest of campus remains open and operational as normal.

“As a precautionary measure, due to the possibility of water leakage, students living on the top floor of Slaidburn House have been offered temporary alternative accommodation and are being looked after by our accommodation team.

“We once again ask everyone to keep safe throughout the storm.”

This is an ongoing story, for updates please visit our Instagram

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