Quick thinking averts fire disaster


The quick thinking of two Furness students averted disaster in Week Four, after a malfunctioning cooker caused a fire in their accommodation kitchen on Saturday evening. The pair quickly summoned the emergency services, who ultimately had only a minor incident to deal with. The students were taken to hospital and treated for minor burns and shock, but fortunately were discharged with no further concerns for their health.

Speaking to SCAN, Acting Head of Security Mark Salisbury explained that a fault lead to the malfunction of the cooker, “resulting in minor burns to two female students.” Salisbury was quick to praise the actions of those involved for preventing the incident escalating into one far more serious. “Although the students were understandably in a state of shock and quite obviously distressed by this occurrence, they fortunately had the presence of mind to act quickly by summoning assistance from emergency services and, more importantly, the Furness porter and Security.”

Salisbury also praised the ‘prompt and thoughtful response’ of Furness College Campus Security Assistant Joanne Shaw, who was pleased to see that those involved acted as they should, and the incident was dealt with according to procedure.

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