Nightline Awareness Week 20th-26th November
Lancaster Nightline and The Sense of Belonging During Nightline Awareness Week: Student Discounts and Events


Lancaster Nightline, a confidential and anonymous listening and information service run by students, is continuing to help students by spreading awareness of their helpline this week by offering student discounts at Sultans and Juicafe to celebrate Nightline Awareness Week.

What Is Nightline?

Lancaster Nightline, created in October 1971, has always been run by students. The service itself is completely confessional and confidential.

It’s part of a bigger association dedicated to listening and providing information for students who are feeling troubled by things going on in their lives. Nightline is voluntary work, meaning that all the call takers are volunteers.

“Students have the freedom to say their thoughts to someone who’s in the zone of student life,” Ela, Lancaster Nightline’s Service Director, told me.

Lancaster Nightline has six main values that help the call takers conduct their mission to help students. These are aimed at their mission, of helping the students, and working together as a team:

  • Confidentiality – making sure that every caller feels that they’re able to talk about anything safely.
  • Anonymity – Lancaster Nightline don’t ask for your name and the volunteers are anonymous themselves.
  • Non-Judgementalism – They have no political, religious, social, or moral views. They respect the views of any caller and don’t judge you for anything you’ve done.
  • Empathy – Each call is about you, your thoughts, and your feelings. The callers are here to listen.
  • Non-Directivness – They won’t force you towards any course of action, or get you to think about a situation in a particular way.
  • Dedication – Lancaster Nightline’s volunteers are passionate about helping callers.

You can contact Lancaster Nightline through the mediums of Phone, Instant Message, or Email.

Why Contact Nightline?

“The calls can range from discussing mental health problems, academic worries and feelings of distress to talking about recent achievements, good news and fun experiences.”

Ela, Lancaster Nightline’s Service Director.

Nightline is completely non-judgemental, and they will listen to anything you want to talk about. No problem is too small to discuss, and they are always here to listen during your happier moments too.

What’s Happening This Week?

20th November 2023 marks the beginning of this year’s Nightline Awareness Week. The theme is belonging.

“Nightline has a sense of community around it. We’re all volunteers who have shared values. We’ve built solid friendships through our work at Nightline. We support one another,” Ela explained.

All week, Lancaster Nightline is collaborating with Juicafe. If you Visit Juicafe in Alexandra Square, you can get 20% off when you purchase 2 medium coffees, as it’s always nice to share some coffee with your friend in the library.

Likewise, Lancaster Nightline is also collaborating with Sultans. When you go to Sultans this week, ask for the ‘Nightline Special’ – Vegetarian-loaded fries.

To potentially win the chance of a £10 Sultans voucher, follow @lancasternightline on Instagram and comment on their pinned giveaway post.

On the nights of Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th, Nelly (Nightline’s mascot) will be featuring at Sugarhouse giving out free hugs.

The weather is colder and for some deadline season is approaching. If you’re struggling and you’re unsure who to talk to, reach out and contact Lancaster Nightline. You don’t have to struggle alone and silently.

Their opening hours are:

Monday-Wednesday: 10pm-1am on instant messaging.

Thursday-Sunday: 10pm-3am on phone calls and instant messaging.

Their email service can be contacted 24/7 and they will reply in 48 hours max.

Check out their website to find out more information:

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