There’s no better way of getting involved with life at Lancaster and your student media than by joining SCAN. As one of the oldest and most prominent groups on campus – established in 1967 – we’ve undergone many changes over the years and have only continued to improve. SCAN is an acronym for Student Comment And News, with a wide range of sections for aspiring journalists and photographers to become a part of. For example, Carolynne embodies many of the more creative sections; whereas News, Comment and Sport allow you to hone your journalistic skills and write about the things most important to you.

If you have a question for a specific section editor, head to our Editorial Team page to find their individual email addresses.

Otherwise, please email, and someone will be in contact as soon as they can!


  1. I have no idea what will happen with my job at sugar and I rely on this to pay my rent. How could ben eveans who is supposed to work to represent us and who has worked at sugar do this? All sugar management and staff are so shocked he voted this way. We know a million is a lot of money but is this what the price of the student experience?

  2. No confidence left in the leadership of LUSU anymore.

  3. Do you have a ‘Sports Archive’ ? I’m interested in reports from 1977/78.

    1. Hi Mark, the best people to contact would be Lancaster University Students’ Union as they have an archive of all our papers.

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