Duck-Killing Fresher Stores Campus Ducks In Lonsdale Fridge


A Snapchat story screenshot seemingly showing dead ducks allegedly stored in a Lonsdale fridge has been circulating around campus.

The photo appears to show three dead ducks, captioned ‘Some fucking psycho fresher did [this] in Lonsdale what the fuck’.

From the screenshot, it’s unclear who posted the photo, and the identity of the alleged duck killer is as yet unknown. It is also unclear where or when the photo was taken, although as rumours start to circulate campus, many believe it to be a first-year student living in Lonsdale accommodation.

WARNING: Some people may find the following image distressing

Screenshot of a Snapchat story showing multiple lifeless ducks packed inside a fridge.

Lonsdale College claim to not have any information and thus do not know if the story is true.

Responding to this, Lancaster University has stated:

“We are aware of the recent post to social media and while we have no complaints as yet and can’t confirm it as true or a hoax, we have been in contact with the local police to inform them. If you have any information regarding the post, please let us know so that this information can be passed on to the police and the Student Conduct Officer.”

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