Interview with Ollie Earnshaw, County JCR Presidential Candidate – Michaelmas Term Elections 2023


Caitlyn Taft from SCAN interviewed County JCR Presidential Candidate, Ollie Earnshaw, on why he is running for County JCR President.

Over the past few days, I have interviewed various JCR Presidential candidates across campus. I asked them all nine questions, two tailored towards their personal lives and previous work on the JCR.

  1. What are your reasons for running for County president?

Ollie emphasised the importance of JCR and how it makes an impact on student life.

“Students see the JCR as something intimidating. People don’t know how important it is to maintain colleges.”

2. What are the main points of your manifesto that you would like to emphasise?

Whilst talking about County College, he outlined his main points for running for County JCR President. He mentioned incorporating sports more into the college and increasing the scope of college sports.

“I want to bring the JCR back in touch with students and cultivate a good relationship with the Students’ Union. I want to incorporate sports more into County. College sports are sometimes overlooked, especially when it comes to student participation. It’s  crucial for the mental health and wellbeing of County students.”

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

As Ollie is the only person running for President of County JCR, he will be running against ‘RON’ (Reopen Nominations). Regardless, Ollie continued to pitch his candidacy.

“Although I don’t have experience on the JCR, I do have experience in leading a team. I’m the D team captain of County College FC and their social secretary. So, I have to manage 25 people in my team whilst allowing everyone to have time to play on the pitch.”

4. What would your priorities be if you win the election? Alternatively, what would be your first priority?

Communication between JCR members and students is something that Ollie has emphasised throughout my interview with him.

“I want to open communication between everyone [students and JCR] in County. I want to open up a forum for students to suggest ideas and be able to engage with JCR, to tell everyone what’s working and what isn’t. Also, giving the wider student body a description of the JCR and what roles do what will help break down that wall that separates students and the JCR.”

5. What do you want to change about your current JCR?

When answering this question, Ollie provided a lot of answers that related to the main points he stated in his manifesto.

“Improving organisation is something I’ll be doing if I get elected. I know in Fresher’s Week; a lot of Freshers weren’t happy with certain events. I want to be able to give them alternative events, I want newer County students to have a guide booklet on what happens at the college. This, along with hosting alternative events, will help make students feel more included as they’ll know how to engage with County.”

6. Can you tell me a bit about your college and are there any parts of it (social events, welfare talks, group/JCR activities, etc) you are wanting to continue with/ develop on? 

Ollie explained to me that his college spaces, especially County bar, are underused.

“People don’t realise that it’s [County bar] been renovated, there’s more and it’s a fun place to hang out.”

7. You’re currently in your second year, do you believe that you’ll have more free time to ensure all the main points of your manifesto? 

As a second-year student, Ollie has the advantage of having more free time. However, Ollie explains that not only does this mean he has more time to commit to the role, but he is confident in his ability.

“Absolutely, while being in my second year might bring its own set of challenges, I’ve learned how to manage my time effectively. I’m confident that I’ll prioritise and allocate sufficient time to address the main points of my manifesto. This role is a commitment I take seriously. I’m dedicated to making meaningful changes for County College.”

8. Also, as you’re in County College FC, do you have any plans in mind to work closely with the potential Sport Officer/s to assist new events for the football club?

As Ollie has already mentioned in his interview with me, being on County College FC has allowed him to improve his leadership skills as D team captain and social secretary.

“Being part of County College FC has given me valuable insights into the sporting community within our college. I envision collaborating closely with the potential Sports Officer/s to not only enhance existing events but also introduce new initiatives for the football club. From organising tournaments to fostering a stronger team culture, I aim to work hand-in-hand with the Sports Officer/s to elevate our club’s experience.”

9. What’s your college slogan/saying/song and what does it mean to you?

At the end of the interview, Ollie told me that the slogan “Do it for the Tree” relates to the tree in County Main’s courtyard.

“It’s a fun and motivating slogan to shout and chant.”

Voting for JCR Presidents opens today. Check out the SU website to vote for your college JCR members this year.

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