Lancaster University Responds To PM’s Decision to End COVID-19 Restrictions


At 4PM today, Lancaster University announced their response to the PM’s decision to end COVID-19 restrictions. As of tomorrow, there will be no need for self-isolation, regardless of a person’s vaccination status.

In line with this advice, the University has repealed its campus-wide requirement for students to perform twice-weekly asymptomatic tests, and free testing will officially end on the 1st April.

However, that doesn’t mean to say that all measures will completely vanish overnight:

  • “Lancaster University continues to encourage a precautionary approach, and our staff and students are being urged to act responsibly to reduce the spread of Covid-19 on campus.”
  • Students are still being advised to avoid “communal areas” and to try getting “fully vaccinated.”
  • Guidance on reporting symptoms through Connect Lancaster and getting tested are still in place.

Additional measures that will carry through have been posted on the Covid-19 Information page of the Student Portal, and those with underlying health conditions have been urged to contact the CoronaQueries helpline on campus.

“Everyone has a role to play in respecting each other and acting in ways which help keep the University community safe and well.

“The University is consulting with local public health experts before further reviewing our guidance at the end of Lent term.”


With the University promising “to provide updates on any future changes,” all we can do is wait and see whether this is indeed officially the end of the ‘new normal’.

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