Interview with Jasmine Savill, Cartmel JCR Presidential Candidate – Michaelmas Term Elections 2023


Caitlyn Taft from SCAN interviewed Cartmel JCR Presidential Candidate, Jasmine Savill, on why she is running for Cartmel JCR President.

Over the past few days, I have interviewed various JCR Presidential candidates across campus. I asked them all nine questions, two tailored towards their personal lives and previous work on the JCR.

  1. What are your reasons for running for president of Cartmel’s JCR?

Jasmine told me that she had previously run for Cartmel’s Sports Officer three weeks into her first year at Lancaster. She decided that she wanted more experience, and this would be a good way of gaining some.

“I’ve enjoyed watching how the current President [Aisha Nassor] has run things, and as Vice President, I’ve been working closely with her. I’m also taking the experience from working with two other Cartmel presidents into account.”

2. What are the main points of your manifesto that you would like to emphasise?

Jasmine outlined the role of presidency and how it meant that she would be more involved in events. This, to her, means that she is able to consult students on what events they enjoy, whilst being mindful of being inclusive.

“I want to have events for all and continue the evolution of Cartmel to make sure that we are being inclusive. Uplifting the student voice and consulting students more on how they are feeling about events like the Winter Ball and Patriots.”

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

As she has been on the JCR since she started at Lancaster, she expressed how useful her time on the JCR has been.

“I have the experience. I’ve communicated with the Students’ Union and have good relationships with them. And, obviously, I’m passionate about Cartmel College.”

4. What would your priorities be if you win the election? Alternatively, what would be your first priority?

Something else Jasmine highlighted in her interview with me was how she would like to update the merchandise shop. Then she continued with the main point of her manifesto which is uplifting and emphasising the importance of student voice, especially regarding minority communities.

“Merch has been an ongoing battle, but my main priority would be emphasising the student voice. Listening to voices that may have been overshadowed by the louder majority is something that is important to me.”

5. What do you want to change about your current JCR?

Jasmine previously mentioned to me that one of her priorities would be making sure that everyone would be in the loop of what’s going on.

“I want a better structure for the JCR. Every term—over half-term—bringing them [JCR members] in for a meeting to ask questions to see if they’re reaching the goals they wrote in their manifestos. I want to keep up having weekly meeting to update the JCR on events and ideas.”

6. Can you tell me a bit about your college and are there any parts of it (social events, welfare talks, group/JCR activities, etc) you are wanting to continue with/ develop on?

As Jasmine joined Cartmel’s JCR very early on in her university life, she spoke fondly about the college as a whole.

“Cartmel’s like a weirdly formed family in my opinion. I’m very close with my college and it’s a great place to meet people, hang out, and study.”

7. As you’re currently vice-president of Cartmel’s JCR, what would you intend to do as the college’s president differently from what you are already doing in your role?

Jasmine explained to me that as Vice-President, there were still a lot of things she was unable to do. However, her experience as Vice-President granted her a lot of knowledge on how to do the role.

“If I get the role, I’ll be able to be more hands-on and be able to support the JCR more. I want to start preplanning events, meetings, and other things. Having the JCR working in unison is the goal.”

8. What experience from your time as Sports Officer last year can you take forward into this new role?

As one of the previous Cartmel Sports Officers, Jasmine spoke about her experience and how important support is for other JCR members.

“Sports Officers need to be supported more. We need someone to fight their corner.”

She continued and said a quote from a previous JCR member that “stuck with her”,

“We are not running for power, a tip on our CV, we are here for the students and their voice. We are not above them.”

9. What’s your college slogan/saying/song and what does it mean to you?

“Live the Dream” is the official Cartmel slogan.

“It feels like anything is possible. Every day, every time I’m here in Barker’s or I’m representing my college, it feels like we’re doing this to achieve whatever we want to achieve.”

Voting for JCR Presidents opens today. Check out the SU website to vote for your college JCR members this year.

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