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The SU’s Response to the UCU’s Withdrawal of the Marking and Assessment Boycott


The Student Union has responded to the UCU’s withdrawal of the Marking and Assessment Boycott, which occurred last week on 6th September. The Marking and Assessment Boycott began on Thursday 20th April, yet 60 percent of the Higher Education Committee voted for the suspension of the boycott.

The SU’s statement says that the Vice President Education, Samuel Hedges, has been “working with the university to confirm a timeline for the completion of any marking that was put on hold.”

It is confirmed that all marks will be released to all affected students by the 31st of October. The timeframe ensures that all markings can be completed “to the high standard expected.”

The statement states that those who were final year students (in the academic year of 22/23) will maintain access to their university email, Moodle, and student portal until the end of the Michaelmas term. This allows the previous year’s graduates to contact the University and vice versa.

Regarding precautionary resits for graduate students, the statement says that “you can take the higher grade from your first sit, or resit.” If the grade raises your degree classification, the statement states that “the university will be able to reissue your degree”.

For current students, if your grades are returned to you and you have failed your previous year, you will be able to do “an in-year resit”. This resit will not have affected your progression “due to the “No Detriments” policy” that the university is committed to.

During the Boycott, departments that could agree with their Professional Standards Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) gave out intermediate degrees accredited by the university but not by the PSRBs. Students who received these degrees fall into one of four categories, according to the statement:

  1. If you have passed the requirements set by your PSRB, the university will revoke the intermediate degree and reissue the accredited degree.
  2. If you did not pass all the PSRB requirements but you are happy with the non-credited award, the university is happy to leave you with your university-accredited degree.
  3. If you have passed the PSRB requirements, but your award classification has been reduced due to the newly marked work, you will be offered either to take the lower classification accredited degree or stick with the non-PSRB accredited degree.
  4. If you have not passed all the PSRB requirements but would like a PSRB-accredited degree, the university will offer you an additional resit opportunity. If you pass everything, you will have a PSRB-accredited degree issued. If you do not pass upon resit, you will be allowed to keep your non-PSRB intermediate degree.

For those who are confused, they have created a flow diagram to explain:

For those who have concerns, the statement encourages you to contact the Vice President Education (su.vp.education@lancaster.ac.uk) or the advice service (lusadvice@lancaster.ac.uk).

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