“You Never Know, This Page Could Lead To Some Real Connections Forming”: Is Lancs Crush the NEW Campus Cupid?


On the 16th of February, Lancs Crush hit Lancaster University by storm. Within the first nine hours of posting, student-led Instagram account @Lancs_Crush amassed over 200 followers.

Hollywood and mainstream media presents dating and romance as this perfect state of being in love unconditionally. But, what movies like The Notebook and Notting Hill don’t show us is the average, awkward student too shy to even talk to their crush, let alone ask them on a date. Lancs Crush is the perfect way to overcome this do-they-don’t-they purgatory in a risk-free manner as it aims to “bridge the gap” that nerves might create.

“It’s especially hard after the last few years have left us all feeling like lemons in any social situation…it’s hard to be honest and communicate what you really want out of a relationship, or even that you want a relationship at all.”

ADMIN FOR @Lancs_Crush

Lancs Crush is a social media account that allows students to anonymously confess their romantic admiration towards their fellow humans. The process is a simple one. Through the link in their Instagram bio, there are three questions: who is your crush, what do you want to say to them, and what’s their Instagram – the latter question is optional.

Such ease of confession, eliminating the risk of rejection, has no doubt aided in the page’s success. “It’s easier for people to speak their mind when they’re anonymous,” the Lancs Crush admin admitted.

Although there are draw-backs to posting anonymously, they hope to have a positive impact on their friends lives by “nudging them together.”

The admin was inspired to revive Lancs Crush, which was previously Lancrush on Facebook, by other student-led Instagram accounts which have “impacted” their time at University “in a profound way.”

These platforms have helped them to feel “more connected to the student body in ways they never expected,” and through Lancs Crush, they hope to be able to do the same for other students.

Being “aware there’s a fair amount of responsibility in ensuring the page doesn’t offend or harm anyone,” they have already set up ‘house guidelines’ to protect the people who confess, and the people who are being confessed to. Lancs Crush will not allow the platform to be used for: “stalking, bullying, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and other nasties.”

Despite the weight of this responsibility, the admin remains enthusiastic. When asked what it feels like to revive Lancs Crush they said, “I’m glad that there’s been so much interest in the page coming back… all in all, I hope the page is taken well in its revival!”

To check out Lancs Crush, follow the link here

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