BREAKING: VP Candidate Loses Re-election


In a campaign full of controversy and debate, the long-anticipated results of the LUSU VP Societies & Media election have been released.

Current VP Dom Casoria received 603 votes – 24 votes below the required quota.

Casoria’s total was exceeded by the number of votes to reopen nominations (RON), which won with a total of 651. The student body has made their preference known: nominations for VP Societies and Media must be reopened.

In accordance with LUSU election rules, a new election will be held. Further details have yet to be announced.

The election was paused earlier this year after an investigation found that opposing candidate Tabitha Lambie had been disadvantaged. Lambie later withdrew from the election due to personal reasons. After a 3-day campaign ban for breaking campaign rules, Dom Casoria was the sole remaining candidate for VP Societies and Media.

The campaign was fraught with allegations of all shapes and sizes, many of which were posted online anonymously on Lancfessions and OnlyLancs. These came alongside Lambie’s Instagram statement posted to provide transparency on why the election was postponed.

An SU Spokesperson said that, “The Students’ Union will make an announcement in due course about the arrangements for opening nominations and rerunning the election. We would like to thank everyone who cast their vote in this election.”

If you would like to run for the role of VP Socieities and Media in the upcoming election, visit the LUSU website when nominations open.

“We would like to thank everyone who cast their vote in this election.”

Students’ Union Spokesperson
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