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Mark your Calendars for Fylde’s Fundraising Fest!


Fylde College has become infamous for their events to promote the welfare of students. Last year, Fylde held an incredibly popular welfare event called “Uni Mental Health Day”. This year their annual fundraiser is back and it’s bigger than ever.

Last year’s Uni Mental Health Day. Courtesy of Fylde College.

They have more animals this year, as they have a whole petting zoo, with their lineup being:

  • Shetland ponies
  • Pygmy goats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Corn snakes
  • Chinchillas
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits

And of course the alpacas!

If the petting zoo hasn’t gained your attention, they have many more events going on at this fundraising fest.

They will be holding a huge raffle and there will also be giant games and activities for you to partake in.

Some of the prizes from the raffle include: £10 voucher for Juice Cafe, Guide Dog teddies, Vibe VIP Booth, Herbarium coffee and cake for 2, £25 bar tab for Crafties, some Wii stuff, and MANY more.

More information about the prize will be announced on the college’s Instagram, so keep a close eye on that.  

Depending on when you arrive, you might catch a performance from a society as there will be lots of performances throughout the day.

Last year’s Uni Mental Health Day. Courtesy of Fylde College.

If you fancy something to eat, they’ve got you covered with food stalls and an ice cream van.

There will be guide dogs at the event. As it’s a fundraising event, the event is in support of the Guide Dog charity. Donations will be required to see them. 

Many forums, like LGBTQ+ Forum, and Nightline will be attending to allow students to know who they can talk to about their problems.

If you have a few spare minutes on Wednesday and you’re tired of the work you’re doing in the library, go to the fundraising fest and get yourself an ice cream or pet a Shetland pony!

The event will be held on 21st of February in Fylde’s courtyard from 11am-4pm. It’s open to all colleges.

You can donate to the fundraising event here.

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