LUSU Cuts Ties With GLOW Nightclub


Following the death of Joshua Hughes after an alleged “attack” outside GLOW, Lancaster University Students’ Union has announced the organisation will be cutting ties with the nightclub indefinitely.

On the 12th June, Joshua Hughes was taken to hospital in critical condition after an altercation outside GLOW Nightclub. Lancashire Police were called shortly after the incident at about 04:30 BST following a report that a man had been punched, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground. According to witnesses, Hughes was unresponsive at the scene.

On the 16th June, Lancashire Police confirmed that Joshua Hughes sadly lost his life that morning despite the best efforts of medical professionals.

Since the incident, a 31-year-old man, from Leigh, has been arrested on suspicion of Section 18 assault and bailed pending further enquiries. A woman who was believed to have had an “interaction” with one or more members of a group, which included Hughes, inside the club earlier that evening has also been identified.

Lancaster University Students’ Union has now announced that they “will no longer be affiliated with groups who have any relationship with GLOW night club.”

This comes after the Junior Common Rooms for Fylde, Bowland, Lonsdale, and Cartmel colleges posted statements expressing their intention to sever ties with GLOW indefinitely.

“We believe that everyone is entitled to a safe night out and we do not think that GLOW is able to provide this.”


In September 2021, Lancaster University Students’ Union as a corporate body decided to boycott GLOW, preventing them from attending Fresher’s Fest. The Union has now confirmed that they have not worked with GLOW since the spiking epidemic at the start of the year and have actively encouraged student groups to do the same.

Since the Students’ Union is required to approve all sponsorship agreements with external bodies, LUSU has asked student groups to work with other organisations, excluding GLOW. This was done to reduce the harm that contracts with GLOW might cause.

The Union has confirmed that it will be continuing its practice of non-cooperation with GLOW and have taken the additional decision to no longer approve sponsorship agreements that involve GLOW for the foreseeable future.

Any societies who do not notify LUSU of existing agreements they have with GLOW “risk being disaffiliated from the Students’ Union.”

The Students’ Union also warns that “no group will be permitted to enter into any new arrangements with GLOW moving forward.”

VP Welfare Amy Merchant has said that “the position that the SU has taken is in the best interests of the welfare of our members. The Union has a duty to put student welfare first, we must act responsibly. I am really pleased that many of our student clubs and groups are welcoming this decision.”

GLOW were unavailable for comment.

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