Roses 2022
Lancaster Rugby Brings Home More Than Just The Trophy


Lancaster put in the shift of a lifetime with historic wins for both the men’s and women’s teams at Roses 2022.

After three years without Roses, both Lancaster and York were more than ready to clash heads in the men’s and women’s rugby union. With more teams than ever before, tensions were high.

The women’s 3rds played the opening match, marking their Roses debut. Despite an early try from Lancaster, York dominated possession, outmanoeuvring in the outside channels. It wasn’t long before York was leading 42-5, securing the win.

Lancaster 5-42 York

Despite this defeat, the men’s 3rds took their positions on the pitch with confidence. Having worked hard during bootcamp, the team were prepared for battle. Lancaster shut down countless attacks with an impressive defensive line, eventually securing a historic 24-13 victory. Reserve Jason Hillis decreed it: “The best I’ve seen the team play in four years.”

Lancaster 24-13 York

Now for the 2nds. The women’s played first and what a game they gave us. Lancaster, led by scrumhalf Hannah Shreeves, put in an outstanding performance against a powerful York pack. In the first half, Lancaster broke through the York line with an incredible try, courtesy of Sam Crawley. However, York was quick to retaliate, targeting the outside channels in an attempt to outmanoeuvre the Lancaster defence.

Although York eventually scored, Lancaster worked hard, with some spectacular tackles from Megan Davidson, who played an impressive match.

Hannah Shreeves also worked hard to keep the team focused, playing a monumental role in securing an incredible 22-22 draw. Prop Marie Connelly, told SCAN, “The team has worked so hard and it paid off.”

Lancaster 22-22 York

Next were the men’s 2nds. This was another much anticipated match. The last time these two teams came together at Roses, Lancaster sailed away to a 16-7 victory, so there was certainly a score for York to settle.

Both teams started off strong with incredible line speed and pass play. However, despite their best efforts, the match ended in a draw. Outstanding performances were had by all but it’s safe to say next year’s re-match will be less than civil.

Lancaster 22-22 York

Last but certainly not least, the men’s and women’s 1sts were next to take centre stage. The women’s team played first in what would soon be a historic victory for Lancaster. Within the first ten minutes of the match, Lancaster scored their first try after driving York back into their twenty-two. This feat was swiftly followed by another try, taking the score to a staggering 12-0 at halftime.

Heading into the second half, Lancaster switched to defence, hoping to hold off York’s offensives before the final whistle. After several aggressive attacks down the far right wing, York managed to score twice but failed both conversions which led to Lancaster securing a 12-10 victory.

Lancaster 12-10 York

Following on from the women’s astounding triumph, the Lancaster men’s 1sts were ready to give it their all to claim back the trophy they lost in 2019.

Led by captain Jack Reynolds, Lancaster started strong, matching York with 3-3 in the opening twenty minutes. By halftime, Lancaster had secured a 13-10 lead.

Heading into the second half, Lancaster knew they needed to maintain the intensity and that’s exactly what they did, increasing the gap to 30-22. With Lancaster now a try ahead of York, tactics switched to defence, icing every York counterattack before it could take shape. With York hitting a brick wall, it was only a matter of time before Lancaster brought home the trophy.

Lancaster 30-22 York

With the Lancaster men’s 1sts securing the win, this year’s rugby union was officially #redwash.

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