Lancaster University Islamic Society Invites Students To An Open Iftaar


For the past 25 days or so, Muslims around the world have been fasting during Ramadan. For the 30 days of the month, Muslims must refrain from eating any food and having anything to drink between dawn and dusk (yes, not even water!).

That means that from the hours of 4am until around 8.30 pm, Muslims are not consuming any food or drink. Fasting while completing your studies can be incredibly difficult, not least because of the lack of nutrients during the day. If you factor in the long hours, the (sometimes) hot weather and the fact that most students have deadlines or exams to prepare for; it can be a tough time.

However, all Muslims will still tell you that it is their favourite month of the year; a month of spiritual cleansing and getting closer to God as well as being a month where Muslims unite and come together as a community. One of the things that the Islamic society does during Ramadan to further this community spirit is hosting daily meals for students to break their fast. We have had over 120 students attend the iftaar (breaking fast) meals in the Prayer Rooms and would now like to invite you to join us!

On Thursday 28th April, the Islamic Society is hosting an open iftaar in Alexandra Square. The event intends to bring together all the different parts of the university student population and showcase what Ramadan is all about. We welcome anyone and everyone and would love to share our iftar with you. The event will start from 8pm and we will be breaking our fast together at 8.40pm.

It would be amazing to see as many people as possible so please do attend and bring your friends to share in this experience!

Ramadan Mubarak all!

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