The Lancs student who lets a wheel of fortune decide her life


“Genuinely spun it to decide who to hook up with.”

Ashley Eaton, a first-year Law student at Lancaster, speaks to SCAN about using a wheel of fate app called Decide Now! to make nearly all of her decisions, including everything from outfits to who she should hook up with on a night out.

“Last June, an absolutely gorgeous girl showed it to me when we couldn’t decide what to drink at a party,” Ashley told SCAN. “So, I decided to copy her.”

The app includes a list of pre-set decision wheels as well as the option to create your own. Then, all you need to do is spin the wheel and let fate decide for you.

“I dove straight in at the deep end, really,” Ashley went on. “It started with drinks because that’s what the girl who showed it to me did. Oddly enough, though, we actually had a massive wheel of fortune in our class at high school because of a play we did. So, the first decision I made on a wheel of fortune was my maturita subjects (the Slovakian equivalent of A-Levels).

“I’m the most indecisive person ever so it has helped massively and I’d 100% recommend it. It also helps because if you can’t decide on something and the wheel decides for you but you’re still like, ‘eh, I’ll spin again’, then it shows you what you actually want.

“The weirdest decision I let it make for me was probably who I was going to drunk-message after a night out. I genuinely spun it to decide who I was going to hook up with. Nothing would be too wild of a decision for me to put in it, I think. I don’t think I have any cut off points – besides the obvious ones of not committing murder or drunk driving and such.”

Using the Wheel of Fate to decide between writing an essay or having a drink – and the wheel making the right decision.

Since Ashley began using the app last June, this is what the wheel of fortune has decided for her, so far:

  • Her outfits
  • Whether to go out or not
  • Whether she would show up to a lecture
  • Whether to get her nipples or her septum pierced
  • Whether she should text a person or not
  • Her Roses routine song for pole fitness
  • Whether it was time to end a night out
  • What she would order at a restaurant
  • It may or may not have also decided her university
  • Every single possible thing on a night out, including drinks, clubs, walking or taxi, Maccies, which day to go out, are we leaving yet or no
  • Who she would drunk text when she was on a night out
  • Who she would hook up with
  • Most (if not all) of her tattoos

When asked about the tattoos her wheel of fate has chosen for her, Ashley said, “Genuinely it’s decided like most of my tattoos. It decided the heart one, the suns, and the ghost one when I was trying to pick between a few. The fairy one came about when I was trying to decide whether or not I should get a new tattoo and so, that was the next one. Also, I should mention that the text tattoo was me drunk-texting my tattoo artist after a quick spin decided it for me.

“I haven’t managed to get many other people to convert to the wheel of fate. At least not to my level of commitment. People will join in on it for nights out sometimes but not much more than that. I can’t see anybody else putting their life in the hands of a wheel of fortune. (I can fully see myself making life or death decisions on it, though.)

“I haven’t really gotten anybody interesting to try it. There have been a couple of times where I got the bartender to spin it for me but I’ll only do it if the bar is calm and they don’t look like they hate being there. Definitely would not pull it out in Greens or Sugar on a Wednesday or Friday! I definitely have more of a conscience when it comes to anybody working in hospitality and retail.

“To be fair, using it to choose drinks is dangerous and will end in me blacking out if I do it too many times. A lesson I will never learn. Last time, it was me blacking out after the drink combo of wine, vodka, Slovak alcohol, gold tequila, and whiskey.

“I’ll tell you what, though, don’t decide whether or not you should get into a relationship based on it. Would not recommend it. The first time, I knew he liked me and I was in a very much ‘why not’ attitude and let the wheel decide.

“It can be dodgy. Because of the wheel, I got into a long-distance relationship that I didn’t really want in the first place. I just didn’t actually care about whether I wanted one or not so I wasn’t that bothered with either decision. I couldn’t be bothered to break up with him while I was still in the country, so I decided to try it long-distance based on the wheel.

“It did also lead to the girl who I got it from having a chokehold on me even after a year and us having a complicated never-ending thing (which I do love). Because we both had the wheel in common, I used it as a conversation starter and an excuse to text her. (I will be using the interview as an excuse to text her, too!)

“Apart from relationships, I definitely recommend the wheel. Friends love to laugh at it and enjoy occasionally doing the shots it chooses and, sometimes, they’ll rely on me to make decisions. (My parents don’t know, though.)

“I don’t use it all the time. Just occasionally when I can’t decide, or for fun. I very much live life with a ‘do it for the story’ mindset, so that’s when it comes out.”

To any readers who might be interested in trying it out or for people who are reading this with a ‘hell no’ attitude, Ashley says, “You lose nothing in trying it. If you don’t like the decision, it shows you what you really wanted to do anyway. It also makes for an amazing story if you decide to give no fucks and go for it. Literally, a godsend if you’re indecisive.”

Having a Wheel of Fortune night out? Send your story and photos to SCAN to feature in a follow-up!

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