Postal Strikes
Fighting For More: The Lancaster Postal Strikes of Christmas 2022


On the morning of the 25th October, postal workers congregated outside Lancaster RMG Delivery Office to declare dissatisfaction with their pay rise offer.

Despite previous strikes, Royal Mail has decided to give its employees a mere 2% pay rise.

Consequently, postal workers have begun eighteen days of strikes over the next three months during the busy run up to Christmas. These strikes have been organised in order to communicate postal workers’ contempt towards the uncompromising decisions made by management.

The most recent demonstration was an inclusive and welcoming event in which members of the public who wished to show their support were allowed to show and make some noise.

Lancaster has declared that it supports the wishes of its postal workers and the Communication Workers Union. The CWU represents those employed by any form of digital subscriber line, telephone or postal delivery company. It has a vast amount of members and acts as a hub for these workers to share ideas, struggles and life in the industry.

It also supports the TACU – Tenants and Community Union – which hosted the demonstration.

In the last decade, Lancaster has seen various other strikes organised by unions, most of which it has declared solidarity. These include the UCU strikes conducted by university staff and students as well as the global warming climate strikes during the rise of influential organisations such as Extinction Rebellion in 2019.

Future rallies and strikes will continue to be held to ensure suppressed voices are heard.

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