Launch of Cultural Passport


The introduction of the cultural passport aims to make the arts more accessible and appealing to the students of Lancaster

The Cultural Passport, which is like a paper based coffee loyalty card open to Lancaster University students only, was initially set up in July last year. This term the scheme been taken over by a new team trying to get as many people as possible involved in promoting and distributing the Cultural Passport.

Adele Guneviciute, Careers Marketing Assistant told SCAN: “The main issue is that students are bombarded by hundreds of events every day and loose the interest to get involved and start ignoring all great cultural events going around. For this reason, Cultural Passport was created – trying to incentivize students to come to the events and at the same time increase their interest and awareness.”

Every time a student attends an arts of cultural event or exhibition they will be entitled to a stamp on their passport. Once students have collected 6 stamps they are eligible for a free ticket to an arts event of their choice at one of the following organizations:
– Live at LICA including campus exhibitions/events via Petter Scott Gallery / Nuffield Theatre / Concerts Series (minimum 1 stamp)
– The Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster. (minimum 1 stamp)
– LUSU (maximum 2 stamps)
– Lancaster Museums (City, Castle, Judges Lodgings and Maritime Museums)
– More Music, Devonshire Road, Morecambe

By introducing the Cultural passport, Guneviciute hopes it will widen the potential audience for art shows and performances by offering an incentive. “It has the potential to encourage recognition of the importance of the arts in and around Lancaster, and how they can work together. At the same time, we are not only seeking for students, but to support organizations and societies who are interested in organizing cultural events.”

She also said “it gives you the chance to support the arts whilst also getting something for yourself – a FREE event. We encourage students to see the importance of culture to the surrounding world we are imbedded in. We want to make students understand that the culture shapes the way we live and perceive things. Today it seems that students are not concerned about cultural or art events. We want to change this issue and broaden their mindfulness by showing how cultural arts can create joy and happiness.”

Students can pick up their Cultural Passport from The Base, Lancaster University or Live at LICA.

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