Trev closed for refurbishment


The end of this year’s Intro Week also saw the closure of Furness’s college bar, ‘Trev’, for refurbishment.

On its college website this is described as a “year of upheaval for the college,” but Junior Common Room (JCR) President Rob Dickinson ensured that although “the loss of the foyer, a key meeting and events area [for Furness], is pretty big, there are huge plans in place for Furness to have homes in town at many places where [the College’s] Principal, Senior Common Room (SCR), and JCR have worked extremely hard to get some cracking and exclusive deals for Furness College students with their new membership cards.”

The refurbishment follows that of Grizedale, Pendle and Bowland bars. Dickinson went on to comment that despite the refurbishment, the college is keen to make sure “that the spirit and pub feel of Trev will remain,” and that the bar will “not become another IKEA bar.”

In the meantime, the college offices have moved temporarily to the C floor of Bowland South. The website also states that the refurbishment is due to be complete by the start of the 2012/2013 academic year, with new social spaces “and new offices in the north wing of the college (opposite the bar).” The foyer area will also act as a “shared space with the new School of Health and Medicine” once the revamp is complete.

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