Macmillan and Hughes complete new exec team


Pete Macmillan and Robin Hughes have been elected as LUSU Vice Presidents Equality, Welfare and Diversity (EWD) and Academic Affairs (AA) following a second election held on Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 9.

Macmillan beat Chaz Ginn to the position of VP (EWD) by just over 100 votes. Hughes was elected with just a one vote margin, with Paul Lynch coming in the close second and David Prescott last.

Both will now join the LUSU Executive Officer team. Also on the team is President-elect Robbie Pickles, VP (Media & Commications/SCAN Editor) elect Lizzie Houghton, VP (Fiance, Events, Democracy and Societies) elect Matt Windsor and VP (Sports) elect Marc Handley.


The election for the two positions was rerun after an error with the Graduate emails meant that some members of that college would have been able to vote twice. 97 votes from the first round of elections had to be discounted.

The close nature of the contest meant that those discounted votes may have had an impact in who was elected. It was decided it would be fairest to run the election for those positions again.

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