Meghan Trainor returns to the pop world with her new album Takin’ It Back.


Meghan Trainor has always been ‘all about that bass’ but she’s hit the nail on the head with her newest album Takin’ It Back. If the title doesn’t make it obvious already I can assure you that after a few more listens you will definitely feel the power and influence of this album. 

Meghan Trainor has always been a big face in the music industry with songs like Dear Future Husband and Better When I’m Dancing storming the charts when they were released. 

 However, with the birth of her baby boy in 2021 the world hasn’t been gifted with any new music from her in nearly two years. Trainor has opened up in interviews about the difficulty she faced in the first few weeks of motherhood making it obvious why her music took the backseat for a while. 

 Her son was born not breathing and then coming week sleeping almost all of the time. She described it as a ‘traumatic experience’ but through her Tiktok page fans can see that her and baby, who is now one, are doing well.

So with that in mind this album could be described as her comeback, the title definitely suggests that. It consists of sixteen amazing songs, two of which were released as singles earlier this year. 

One of the singles is titled Bad For Me and perfectly captures the conflicting feelings we can have with the people that we love. The line ‘I know we’re blood, but this love is bad for me’ is so effective in explaining the complicated relationships that people can experience with family. This song takes a sensitive, painful topic and turns it into something that people can relate to and hopefully end up accepting. 

This album will have you dancing in the kitchen one minute, to lying in your feels on the floor the next. She perfectly captures the ‘giving zero shits’ attitude with her song Made You Look but also the ‘It’s okay to cry’ attitude with Superwoman and Remind Me

All her songs will have you tapping along to the beat whether you realise it or not. Through her lyrics she reminds you that it’s okay to be imperfect, to be emotional, to admit that people are bad for you but also that we should embrace our girl boss energy, make mistakes and live while we are young.

Her album also has some collabs on, my favourite being Mama Wanna Mambo with Natti Natasha and Arturo Sandoval, this song will have you salsa dancing on a table in the middle of a tapas bar. It’s that good.

This is definitely a no skip album and I would seriously recommend listening to it if you haven’t. Meghan Trainor has made her comeback with this album, she is indeed ‘Takin’ It Back’.

Article by Maisie Otterburn

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