Darts team bears all for Comic Relief


Fylde Women’s Darts Team are causing a stir this month with a naked ‘Calendar Girls’ style project to raise funds for Comic Relief’s ‘Do Something Funny For Money’ 2009 campaign. Fylde Women’s Darts Team used the theme for inspiration. “What better way to do something funny than strip off and pose with various dart-related things,” Captain Charlotte Parker said.

Comic Relief’s funds go to various worthwhile causes both in the UK and Africa. The money raised is spent on campaigns to stop domestic violence, raise awareness about mental health, provide aid for HIV and AIDS sufferers and giving some of the world’s poorest the chance of a better life. This year’s  Comic Relief has the theme ‘Do Something Funny For Money’. By selling naked calendars of the Women’s Darts Team at around £5 each, the girls hope to raise a considerable amount for the cause.

Ms. Parker explained a little about where the idea originated from. Alex Smith, Captain of Furness Men’s Darts Team thought of the idea of a naked Calendar, but apparently the Fylde Women’s Darts Team “stole the idea as we thought people would rather buy a women’s one than a men’s”.  the women also hope that the calendar will show that “darts isn’t about big men with beer bellies”.

The calendar was inspired by the 2003 film ‘Calendar Girls’, based on a real story of a Women’s Institute group that did a similar project in order to raise funds for leukaemia. It will feature the Darts Team posing naked behind the bar, “strategically positioned so the lager and cider pumps will cover us” Ms. Parker described. It will include single, duo and group photos of the girls. Fellow team member, Susan Wynes added: “I think the Calendar is a great way for us to raise some money for Comic Relief. Some may think its a bit risque, but if the likes of Helen Mirren and Julie Walters can do it then why can’t we! And if it raises money for a good cause then its definitely worth doing. I’ve already been getting requests for copies.”

The calendars are in the process of being printed, and will be on sale from the 8th March. For details, go to the Facebook group: Comic Relief: Fylde women’s darts team — ‘Calendar Girls’ style

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