BBQ restrictions imposed across campus


The university have announced new restrictions on the use of disposable barbeques on campus.

The use of the barbeques has been a hot topic in the university since one caused a fire in Pendle college at the beginning of this term. Repairing the damage is expected to cost £50,000.

The safety office have restricted the use of barbeques to designated areas around metal barrels for the disposal of the hot trays. Those bins are located at:
• By the electric barbeques in County and Grizedale colleges.
• The slopes infront of campus, with a bin by Lake Carter and another one further up the hill, by the woods.
• Alexandra Park, by the perimeter road, overlooking the football pitches.
The measures are temporary, intended as a stopgap until better disposal facilities can be installed.

In future, more locations on campus may be equipped with facilities for disposing of barbeques. In the meantime, students will be moved on by porters if found using barbeques outside the immediate area of the bins.

Head of Security, Mark Salisbury said: “It is requested that all staff and students co-operate with these procedures in order to minimise risk.”

He added: “New steel containers have being purchased in the short term and these should be used to dispose of all portable barbeques. Longer term, the university is producing options for fixed barbeque facilities throughout campus and changes to the use of portable barbeques will be kept under review.”

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  1. So the porters will have to encourage students to move on with their scalding hot BBQ’s? Sounds like this won’t go down well with half-cooked food…

    Shame they haven’t allowed the use of them by fylde/furness on the bonnington steps.

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