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Friday Week Two saw the return of a decade-themed ‘Friday Fury’, continuing in its success from previous terms. With Comedy Nights every other week this term, and numerous events on the social calendar, it is clear that the newly elected social officers are more than prepared to go above and beyond to provide students with a variety of entertainment.

Andy Johnston, the LUSU Vice-President for Finance, Events, Democracy and Societies said: “The social secretaries from all the colleges have been fantastic in creating their term calendars, and every college has a great line-up.”

Johnston confirmed that the Socials and Events Group have many more cross campus socials planned for the rest of the Lent term, as well as a Campus Hunt and a few more large-scale socials that are currently being kept under wraps.

Matt Windsor, the Chair of the Social and Events Group, revealed, however, that there will be a campus-wide talent show with grand prizes for the winners later this year. The event will be open to everyone, and the finals will be hosted in the Sugarhouse. “If anyone has a performance that they think is worthy and they’re up for a challenge then keep your ears and eyes out for more information coming soon,” said Windsor. 

Although multiple socials in the same evening was previously thought to cause too many clashes, this term the Socials and Events Group plan to have many different and varied socials both on and off campus, in order to provide as much choice as possible for students. “There is a lot to get involved in,” said Johnston.

Windsor was also keen to stress that the events of last year were only the beginning, although they were extremely successful. Windsor admitted, “A few were less publicised than usual because a lot of our attention was focused on the fees and funding campaign.”

The Comedy Nights in particular have been a huge success, with Cartmel bar filled with students every other Thursday night enjoying the great acts provided by the Socials and Events Group, who are planning to build upon the success and attract more famous and widely-acclaimed acts. James Hayward, a first year from Pendle College said, “I thoroughly enjoy the Comedy Nights – I think it’s great that they have created regular sources of entertainment around the campus.” The cheap tickets have also attributed towards its popularity – Windsor remarked, “We have to ensure that we’re offering a really good Thursday night at a good price, whatever the acts.”

A large amount of the successes of recent campus events can be put down to the formation of the Social and Events Group, in 2008. The Social and Events Group replaced the Joint JCR Social Committee, so that cross-campus socials could be organised more effectively.

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