Gordon Johnson Retirement


This week sees Deputy Pro-Chancellor Gordon Johnson hand in his resignation. Johnson has been a committed member of Lancaster University’s Court since 2001, and was elected as one of two Deputy Pro-Chancellors in 2002. During his time at the University, Johnson has aided both the Court and the Council in becoming more efficient and effective organisations.
University Secretary Fiona Aiken told SCAN “during his time at the University, Gordon has taken the time to listen to stakeholder views and to form his own judgements.” She added that “the University has benefitted considerably from his wise counsel”.

LUSU President Michael Payne stated “the role of Deputy Pro-Chancellor is an important check and balance on senior management of the University. Although we have not always agreed, Gordon has demonstrated unparalleled professionalism in his role, his words of wisdom will be missed.”

Mr Johnson is also the current Constable of Lancaster Castle, a position which he was entrusted with in June 2009, and which portrays his respected role in Lancaster’s community.

Johnson is being succeeded as Deputy Proc-Chancellor by John Hadfield. Payne commented that “the Students’ Union looks forward to a positive relationship with […] John Hadfield, someone who has been equally as vocal on behalf of students as the Union themselves.”

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