The Album: My Best Friend Is You


Following the success of her first album Made of Bricks Kate Nash is showing us she is more than just catchy riffs and imaginative song titles, although this album is full of those too. My Best Friend is You is a brave step into a world beyond Foundations. Featuring the single ‘Do-Wah-Doo’, we are treated to a somewhat more ‘parental guidance required’ experience. A second album is usually hard, especially after such a successful first one and has to be a statement to move forward, Kate has embraced this in her writing, her melodies and her methods.


My Best Friend is You
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Kate Nash[/info]

Still purely Indie Pop this album is full of surprises, in the form of unusual crass language, spoken word, and melody. I feel as though she is now a fully formed, independent artist but Kate is still the girl we know and love. With lines such as “it’s a cold shower and a scramble for a dirty pair of knickers” and “how could your best friends, ex girlfriends younger sisters mate know before I did?” this album is a calculated attack on areas of the world she doesn’t seem to approve of. But isn’t that what an album should be? One person’s view of our world, to open our eyes to things we don’t see ourselves.

This is something this album does for me, through Kate Nash’s eyes we can see the wronged women and the sleazy men of the world in a different light. If you want to feel something for your music this album is definitely for you. A not-holding-anything-back voyeuristic gaze at the world of life love and dating.

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