Student directors showcase at The Dukes


Students from Lancaster University’s Independent Film Society have secured an opportunity to showcase their work at The Dukes on 1 June.

Three Lancaster students, James Harvey, Cameron King and Julian Surface, have collated their independently made short films for an approximately hour long showing.  The films, shot in and around Lancaster, are the society’s first step into what Harvey, who set up the society, described as promoting “serious cinema to those with a legitimate interest.” 

Harvey himself has two films being shown; iemsDesire sees “a young man tortured by a self destructive lust”, while in Dirt “after a traumatic experience, Pauline’s unconditional love for her daughter is tested.” 

King’s production Low Note features stop motion work and revolves around “a man who longs for musical talent to fill his boring days finding his dreams compromised by his disability: a body of wire.” 

Surface’s film Hanging studies the protagonists, Chris and his girlfriend Christina, who “are forced to reconsider their strange relationship, even though the love runs deep.”

Harvey is working to make the evening a bigger affair, stating that he is “hoping for two or three more [films] to bulk it out a bit.  To achieve this we’ve approached a couple of modules that incorporate film making.”

The first formal screening for the society is an impressive step given that it was formed only halfway through Lent term this year.  A small society with 20 members, they are nevertheless active and involved with frequent showings of independent film around campus, where titles such as Man on Wire and Mugabe and the White African can be seen.  The Dukes have been a part of several of the society’s socials, and are “proud to present a collection of student made shorts” according to their website. 

The society is gaining the interest of students, and looks as though it could have a bigger presence on campus soon.  Harvey has indicated a large effort for next year’s Freshers’ Fair and onwards, hoping to “give members a platform on which to make their own films.”

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