Stagecoach agrees to new north campus bus routes


Bus routes are to be changed in order to incorporate north campus.

After much petition from students and welfare officers alike, Stagecoach buses will now go around north campus, as well as south west. The changes will come into action when the Underpass is closed in early June for development.

The 2, 2A and X1 will be going around north campus, as well as around the rest of campus when the underpass is closed, with the X1 continuing on this route when the underpass re-opens. The X1 will be on trial for the whole of the next academic year, after which time usage of the service will be reviewed to see if demand is high enough to continue or expand the use of this route.

Torri Crapper, LUSU Vice-President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity) says that she is proud to have been a part of this campaign during her time in office. She added: “I am pleased that we have been able to get this win for students. We now have a more accessible campus for all students, rather than just a few”.

However, she did have a warning for the students who are to benefit from these changes. “The thing we [students] need to do now is use the service…we need to show that it is important that we have this provision and use it so that Stagecoach can’t say that it hasn’t had the uptake they expected”.

County student David Jackson said that “a bus service would be very beneficial to students living in the north part of campus. As County is the biggest college I believe that they do deserve this service and that there will be a high demand for it”.

Both County and Bowland colleges are located at the north end of campus and have so far been able to take a bus as far as the underpass. This has proved troublesome for students with mobility problems, as well as those who have to carry heavy shopping from town. A number of family flats are also located in County College, and they have also suffered from this lack of service.

Stephie Barber, Local Operations Manager for Stagecoach explained that “buses went around the northern perimeter road until seven or eight years ago, when resources were moved to provide for south west. Following the redevelopment of accommodation in the northern part of campus, I have committed to having the X1 revert back to this route to see if we can build up a market for it. If it is a success then these services will most definitely continue”.

Students are encouraged to make good use of these services if they want them to continue in future years.

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