LUSU/JCR Elections and By-elections: The results


The by-elections for LUSU Part Time Officers and for college JCR Executives took place in Week Eight.

Graduate and Lonsdale did not have any elections or by-elections this time round, the results for the other colleges are as follows;

Bowland Female Sports Representative was won by Alice Lamb. In the by-elections the position of Magazine Editor was won by Mel Morris, Equal Opportunities Officer was won by Emma Slaven, General Secretary was won by Lauren Heeley and one available position for Social Secretary was won by Lauren Vandewalle.

In County, the position of Male Sports Representative was won by Matt Holdcroft and Female Sports Representative by Timna Freeman. Green Officer was won by Charlotte Wilkins, and the position of Women’s Officer by Jennie Grayson.

In Furness nobody stood for the positions of Male and Female Sports Secretaries, so people will be co-opted later this term. Furness also had elections for Social Secretaries, to be run for as a pair; Kate Utton and Ellen Clayton were uncontested, and won the position.

For Grizedale the two Sports Representative positions were won by Chris Geoghegan and Corinna Kloess. In the JCR executive by-elections the position of Communications Officer was won by Daniel Willis; Female Education and Welfare Officer by Holly Johnson. The new Social Secretary will be Lily Hales, and the position of Vice-President was won by Emma Cheetham. International Officer was won by Velislava Dotseva.

In Pendle the positions of Male Sports Representative and Female Sports Representative were won by Ben Holden and Susann Kern. The position of Magazine Editor was won by Suzanne Kane, the position of Publicity Officer was won by Matthew Berry and the position of Disabilities Officer was won by Sarah Evans.

The results for the Part Time Officers are as follows: the two Student Trustee positions were won by Erin Royale and Ashutosh Kumar. The new University Council Representative is James Davies; Chair of Elections was won by Emily Blanchard; Chair of Student Media Board by Matthew Power. The position of Chair of Social and Events Group was won by Bex Hamilton; Welfare Campaigns Officer by Ros Ballinger;  and Chair of Equality, Welfare and Diversity Council by Kevin Wong. Science and Technology Faculty Rep was won by Jonathon Hayton and the position of Chair of Sports Executive was won by Matthew Neve.

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