Campus Icon: Davey Curnow-Garland


What is the best thing about Lancaster University?
It’s got to be the view across the bay and the lakes, (though taking out the nuke plant would make it perfect!!)


Davey Curnow-Garland

Resident Tutor
Post Grad Student
Study Skills Tutor


Is there anything you’d recommend students do here before they leave?
Spend a tenner on a Lakes Rambler ticket, and spend a day soaking up the beauty and culture in the area.

Favorite bar on campus and why?
it’s got to be Grad Bar. Cosmopolitan, but an old pub to boot and best pint of ale on campus!!

You were involved in One World Week, how long have you been involved with this?
8 years, on and off, though this year it had more of ‘in the bar party element’ which was different and effective!!

Why do you think you’ve been nominated as a campus icon?
Possibly because of the embarrassing pictures i have in my possession of the SCAN editor from the recent national Doctor Who Convention! Daleks me dear…. daleks! i say no more!

What is your best memory of all your time at Lancaster?
Too many to count, but the most funniest was seeing 7 students dressed as gorillas and one as a banana.They were dancing outside grad bar during the beer festival. As you can guess, the more ale the gorillas had, the more dangerous it became for the banana!

Any words of wisdom to give to graduating students?
I tell my students to bugger off and fly the Jolly Roger for a year: i.e., travel the globe, cause a bit of trouble saving the planet or sticking up for the little fella and get the odd job as a Bollywood extra or fruit picker!

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