Here is to a great year of sport


At the Athletic Union Awards in June, the University’s Director of Sport, Kim Montgomery, expressed her thoughts that we were at the dawn of a new era of sport here at Lancaster.  After spending the summer working here at LUSU, I can categorically state that this is the case.  With the success of last year still ringing in my ears the task has been given to me to progress all areas of sport here even further, and believe me when I say it’s possible.  Within the first few days of being in office I sought to rectify an ongoing situation between the Students’ Union and the University with regards to the new Sports Centre project which we felt was severely lacking in student consultation – something that the University had planned to do but never carried out. Thankfully, this is being rectified due to some strong collaboration from both the Union and University.  Hopefully the students will be able to have some input with regards to the new centre, meaning that we don’t just have a fantastic new facility that is the best in the area, but one which people actually want to use as well.

The aim for this year is simple – to reach the heights we all know we are capable of. British Universities & Colleges Sports (BUCS) League performances are one of the most vital ways we can show not just our own university critics but other institutions as well just how important we see sport here at Lancaster, and following on from the successes enjoyed last year this is certainly an achievable objective.  Our college leagues were extremely strong last year, and this year we see the introduction of a full programme of B-league netball after the introductory period last year and I hope to see the incredible upward trend of the rest of our college leagues too.  With nearly all of our college sport dominating their relevant competition in Roses, I want this trend to rub off on the entire of the sporting population.

I know May will feel like a long way off to many of you and as such it would seem slightly silly of me to mention Roses so early on in the year, but it’s important that I do.  Over the next few months I certainly hope to demonstrate to you just how possible it is to win away at York this year.  Only eight away victories have happened in the history of Roses, but there is no greater chance to make it nine then at York in 2011.  After the success and dominance of Roses 2010, we need to show not just York, but each other just how possible it is – we have to create such a positive mindset in ourselves that it is irrelevant what the history books say.  So I will simply say this: Here is to a great year of sport ahead, and to the chance to re-dress the balance of Roses in the home of our greatest rivals.

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