Counselling chaos


I was reading the article on the Student Learning Development Centre cuts/shake up, and have recently noticed the removal of the counselling service from Furness to University House. What was once a private service where many counsellors were available and working each day is now a hectic mess of a service shoe-horned into the glass box of the Hub. I’m not necessarily saying mental illness should be swept under the rug, but at least a minimum level of confidentiality and dignity should be allowed. If you do want counselling this year, expect to sign-in in a crowded and disorganised hubbub of staff and students, sit in an exposed waiting room and then get frogmarched around University House, past the queues for the cashiers before fi nally you get afforded some privacy. We might aswell issue these poor students with t-shirts proclaiming “mentally ill person, coming through”.

Mr Chris P

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