Students’ Union aims to develop international links with series of events


The Students’ Union is planning a series of events aimed at developing links with international students on campus. It is hoping to promote more communication between home and international students and the Students’ Union.

The first upcoming event is an evening called Hollywood to Bollywood, a movie themed evening with film soundtracks and that opportunity to dress as film characters.  The evening is being held on Friday, November 12 at Fylde bar.

The second event is Language Exchange, a project aimed at encouraging sharing customs and language with international students while learning about their international roots.  It is being organised so that students from both home and away can gain communications skills.

LUSU is looking for students to volunteer to help organise and run the events. The program is being promoted as an opportunity for students to gain skills in planning and organisation as well as gaining first hand proficiency and experience event creation, marketing and promotion. Any students who are interested in volunteering for these events are encouraged to contact Olive Suvia email at

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