Third years to be given at second chance at exams


Third year students look set to able to resit their final exams if they fail, allowing them the chance to still gain a degree at pass mark. Sitting exams again will mean students would receive their degree a year later than if they had passed first time.

“The issue was first raised last term with new Undergrad Registration coming through which will mean a lot of changes including the way papers are marked, Academic Council also decided it was interested in resits” said Robin Hughes LUSU Vice President for Academic Affairs, who was active in campaigning for third years to get this opportunity.

Some students were concerned that resits meant you could retake to boost up your grade therefore revising disproportionately  for one module and ignoring others on the basis of planning a resit. However this was just speculation; “You can’t resit to get a higher grade,” Hughes clarified.

Speaking to third year students their opinion on the change is generally positive.  “If you’ve done well in coursework and modules but messed up in the exam then it is justified; but if you haven’t turned up for lectures and have bad attendance you shouldn’t be allowed to re-sit” argued Sarah Bordon, a third year BSC English Language student. Talking to students about the issue, one of the same points was raised frequently; the point of re-sits in principal being a good opportunity for those who have panicked in exams but over-all had a very good academic year. “How is it any different to resitting first or second years?” Bordon asked.
As for when the resists would be held, Hughes said, “We’re looking to have them happen about the same time as second year resits.”
An interesting point that was raised was the matter of cost.  “Assuming you have to pay for it it’s not entirely fair on those who rely on government grants whereas others may easily be able to afford it,” stated Tom Graham, a third year Economics student.  So far Hughes said he was unsure whether there would be a cost for resits or not, but it will be discussed. On the pros of having resits Graham went on to say, “If you had a death in the family that distracted you from your revision and exam then it would be a good chance to have another go as they don’t always exclude you from exams.”

It seems that students are all for the proposal as long as a few points such as the cost are clarified first.
This proposal is just one of many being discussed as part of the new University Registry, which will mean many changes over the coming year.  The proposal will be bought back to Senate later on this term.  “I can’t see it not being passed” said Robin Hughes. If third year resits do become possible they will be implemented for both first years and students undertaking part two studies in 2011 alike.

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