What will you be doing on November 19th?

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This year the BBC run mass charity fund raiser, Children In Need, will take place on November 19. Last year Children in Need raised £39m, all of which was put towards supporting children that have been the victim of mental or physical abuse, neglect or poverty. They do this through grants to hundreds of different organisations that all help in their own way to support these children.

Children in Need works throughout the year and is a massive operation, which means that aid can be distributed throughout the UK evenly and fairly to those that need it most. In Lancaster alone very large donations have been made to CancerCare, the North West Children’s Support Group and the Lancaster Boy’s and Girl’s club. Each of these organisations help disadvantaged and terminally ill children to improve their skills and self-esteem. Despite it size every small donation makes a difference to Children in Need’s cause, and is an easy way to make sure that when you donate to a charity you are sure to be helping thousands more.

If you visit the BBC Children in Need website you will find a whole host of ideas as to how to get involved and raise money this year, from bake sales to sponsored runs. You can request a fundraising pack online for free – or maybe you could invest in a pair of Pudsey ears to look charitable, and not to mention unspeakably cool at Sugarhouse on the night of November 19. For those of you who want to be right in the thick of this year’s Children in Need fundraising event why not head to Preston Guild Hall and Charter Theatre on the 19th for a Charity event involving music, dance, comedy and television.

For fundraising ideas a little closer to home, Lancaster’s very own RAG society are doing their bit for Children in Need. For the whole day (yes that includes lectures and seminars) the RAG society will be donning their pudsey ears, or whatever else they have in their fancy dress boxes, and going about their business in full fancy dress gear. RAG president Leah Smith is keen to get everyone involved. “We want to raise as much money as possible so we’re basically trying to get people to do anything and everything to raise money.” If you have any of your own fundraising ideas, RAG will be happy to help you put them into action.

And even if you do nothing this week but treat yourself to a Greggs you’ll still be doing your bit, because our beloved Alexandra Square bakers is selling Pudsey Cupcakes to raise money for Children in Need. So go ahead, and get involved however you can.

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