Cross Campus Officer election suffers from external fault


Voting for the Cross Campus Officer positions, initially planned to coincide with JCR election voting, had to be postponed until Monday of Week Nine due to a fault with the voting website.

The problem also effected some JCR elections, with the voting period being extended by two hours to compensate issues with voter codes not being given out or being faulty. The Cross Campus Officer elections, however, were deemed to have suffered irreparably in the initital voting period, and as such the decision was made to postpone them and re-run them the next week.

The issue that arose involved the voting website service used by LUSU, MiVoice, being unable to cope with the amount of internet traffic it was subjected to. Matt Windsor, LUSU Vice President (Finance, Events, Democracy & Societies), explained that despite assurances that “the MiVoice backend servers were able to cope” they clearly failed to do so, and as such it was an external error which had disrupted the elections. The incident saw all the unique voter codes issued to students to use in the Cross Campus Officer elections fail to work due to a technical issue.

The emphasis on it being an external fault follows several election failures during last year in which previous Full Time Officers and Part Time Officers were left red-faced due to in-house errors.

The election was held, however, and the second voting period occurred without an issue. All voter codes issued in the second period – between 4pm Monday Week Nine and 4pm the following day – worked. The results for the various positions are as follows.

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