Mission fashion impossible?


Keeping up with the latest fashion trends in Lancaster can be a challenge to say the least. With a student budget and distinct lack of high street clothes shops our retail therapy often becomes more wishful thinking and window shopping rather than being a way to de-stress.

Unlike big cities, Lancaster is limited for a shopping spree, often stopping us from putting our individual fashion sense into practice. Not only do we seem to have very few shops but as students our money has to unfortunately be spent on necessities, meaning that the outfit we keep staring at may have to remain a dream separated by a shop window in favor of a pack of highlighters instead. However, we shouldn’t lose all hope just yet because it does seem that there are ways to follow fashion, even in Lancaster.

New Look and Topshop both offer a 10% student discount easing the burden of student finance in a small way. We can follow fashions realistically by using our discount to stock up on accessories, which can make a few shirts or t-shirts into many different outfits. There are also plenty of small boutiques where you can buy items that are more individual with lots of ranging prices. In reality, even though we don’t have a huge selection of shops to choose from, it can often be just as fun just hunting for bargains, especially along the rails of TK Max.

If you really want to keep up to date with fashion on a regular basis it does seem like the only way to do this is to make sacrifices with what you wear during the day and save the special outfits for nights out. Fashion changes so quickly we could never realistically keep up with every trend, so why not save our money for expensive and unique pieces instead? Dresses, suits and heels are all pricey but most people would rather opt for one of these to stun on a night out when people are actually paying attention. There appears to be more comment or compliments about what we wear on a night out than during the day, so if you want to try and embrace new trends trial it in the evening and avoid sacrificing that extra money on an outfit for hibernating in the library during the day.

However, it seems that the simplest way to follow the fashion in Lancaster is to stick to the never failing look of campus comfortable. Hoodies, leggings and boots are all staple day wear for most students, making it seem reasonable to suggest that by purchasing a few of these key items and accessorizing well we can easily create cheap but fashionable day to day wear. We won’t be at university forever, so why not make the most of keeping up to date with the fashion trend of just dressing like a student, which is not just saving us money but is practical too.

It is easy to find affordable casual fashion in Lancaster to leave you a bit more cash for that dazzling dress or spot on suit. With fashions turning from winter to spring, re-use accessories or clothes you already have, after all, you can always say you’re wearing vintage. Lancaster may be limited but those who truly enjoy fashion will always find away to still look fabulous even with some setbacks.  Let’s turn window shopping into sensible purchases so that even we loan loving students can get out there and start enjoying some good old fashioned retail therapy.

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