How to handle revision surrounded by Easter Eggs


Easter eggs, sunny weather, and a well deserved break; don’t we just wish that was all the Easter holiday’s involved? Unfortunately, the time of year is upon us when we have to give up our holiday time to at least attempt some revision for our ever looming exams. However, don’t despair as Easter and exams can go more hand in hand than you may think. No one likes to revise, but you don’t have to lose out on a great holiday to get tops marks in your tests.

The key is to be productive and to make the most of everyday. Here are some top tips and advice on keeping your revision productive whilst enjoying some relaxation time too.

Plan: Make a plan and stick to it. Plan realistic revisions times and allow for plenty of breaks so that each time you come back to revise you are refreshed. Always revise when you function the best. If you are not a morning person, set a side time to revise in the afternoon and enjoy a lie in, or take the night off if you have had a productive morning.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthily: It is vital to keep our immune system functioning well so try and stay on top of it by keeping your body healthy. Remember a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

Work in a way that suits you: If you enjoy listening to music while you revise, create a playlist of your favourite songs, which can inspire, motivate and even allow you to relax while you are revising. If you need to be silent then don’t be afraid to find the quietest part of the house and claim it as your own for the holidays. For once your parents won’t be on your back because revision comes first.

Organisation: Revise one topic at a time and that way you will take more in and are more likely to remember it. Make use of the old classics, such as, mind maps, note cards and filling your walls with hundreds of post it notes. These are all still great ways to revise.

At least start you revision: It will stop the mad panic when you only have two weeks before your first exam, which never bodes well. You can never have too much time to revise everything so the earlier you start, the more prepared you shall be.

Most importantly, don’t be unrealistic: At the end of a hard term we all need a break and there is no reason not to go out and have fun; just balance it with revision. You will feel so much better on that night out if you know you’ve worked hard during the day.

Even though we shouldn’t have a totally work free holiday, revising doesn’t have to be a chore. Make time to socialise as well as revise, and the Easter holiday won’t be so bad after all. Four weeks isn’t long and remember time flies when you’re having fun so make the most of it and be prepared.

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