The royal wedding phenomenon


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The royal wedding is for some, the most hotly anticipated social event of the decade. For others who just don’t care, it is a great excuse for a bank holiday BBQ, providing that the British weather does not get up to its usual tricks. But what is it that seems to be enthralling the world not just Britain? On April 29 thousands will descend upon London in order to get a glimpse of the future King and his new bride. I am one of the people who have already been captured by the royal wedding, but there is still plenty hype around to draw those in who are trying to escape.

The Royal family can be seen by some as a national treasure, there is something quite simply British about the whole affair. There are not many other people I can think of who would get away with the same racist remarks as Prince Phillip. Prince Charles does a state visit and we all sigh as he seems to gain a new hat and tries to dance like a native. The contents of the queen’s handbag and what she watches on TV is the speculation of a nation. Some argue we could do without the Royal family, but without them we would lose the essence of what is British and the enchanting history which has grown with the nation.

It seems however that with the dawn of a new royal wedding, it is time to resurrect the old. Not a day goes by when there isn’t some extravagant comparison between William and Kate and Charles and Diana. Yes William gave Kate his mother’s engagement ring but at the end of the day it seems to have been forgotten that they are only human and feel the same emotions as anyone else. The pressure on the couple is already great without the expectation of the media to outdo the wedding of Charles and Diana. It feels almost like the media has forgotten that they are simply two human beings caught up in the grandeur of the spectacle and I am sure those who provide a commentary of the wedding for the public, will forget this as well.

The royal wedding seems to have also filled a great void in consumer products and memorabilia that no one knew ever existed. Within two days of the announcement the first William and Kate commemorative mug hit the market and it seems that the memorabilia just keeps coming. So far I have seen a variety of crockery, pictures, cushions, clothing, books and possibly most bizarrely a knit your own royal wedding pattern. The party lovers amongst us were not to be left out as the royal wedding drinking game quickly hit facebook. We can’t forget the large amount of free with the paper DVD’s and a variety of TV shows. One which sticks out in my mind is Meet the Middletons. I must admit I did not watch it but from the advert I sensed that it was a programme full of loosely related cousins which Kate has probably never met.

As that important date draws nearer the nation speculates as to who will be invited? What will the dress look like? And that all important question, will Elton John turn up for a good sing-a-long? The royal wedding hype may have soared to ridiculous levels but love it or loath it everyone is talking about it and you can’t deny that it is bringing people together. Throughout the country people are joining together to have a good old fashioned street party in celebration. It is this historic tradition which enthrals the masses and I am sure William and Kate will keep the nation captivated for years to come.

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