Furness co-opt new JCR President

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Furness College have elected new JCR President Rob Dickinson after Adam Pearson resigned his post at the end of spring term.

Pearson chose to end his time in the role on Saturday Week 10 Lent Term, which left the other members of the JCR to co-opt a new president. Dickinson, at the time Furness’ Sports Sec, signed up unopposed for the position of president and has said that he plans to run for re-election in week eight. “I have been Sports Sec for nearly a year and with that nearly coming to an end I decided to go up for the role of president because I love the college and enjoyed being a key part in its sports and felt that stepping up to president was the right way to become more involved in the running of the college.”

After exams, one of the key duties for the Summer Term is helping organise and run the Extrav, however Dickinson believes there is no problem caused by his late assumption of presidency. “Of course a key part of my role is Extrav and although I may have started a term behind other presidents the Extrav sub-committee are already advanced in the planning of Furness Extrav and already being on the JCR I was also involved in this, so to answer any worries Furness Extrav is coming along brilliantly and is aiming to be better than ever.”

Dickinson also mentioned how he would be involved in the refurbishments taking place in Furness College. “Another key part is to also ensure that in the up and coming Furness College refurbishment the college is designed in a way that best suits the students and I will be fighting any decisions that are not appropriate or fair with the JCR, SCR and any other student that also believes that the college’s best interests are not being heard.”

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