Safety first


I’d just like to draw it to your readers’ attention that the workforce creating the new Alexandra Square are, while massively behind schedule, actually very nice and conscientious men.

Just the other day I was taking a stroll through the square on the phone to a good friend of mine, when I took a tumble. I blame my own clumsiness and slightly too big gladiator sandals for the event, of course. On seeing my fall, a member of this workforce ran to my aid and helped me up, whilst another located my phone from behind the fencing and returned it to my possession.

After I got up and went on my way, I saw them looking at the area where I had fallen to check it wasn’t a loose paving stone that had caused this disaster.

I appreciate the pride they take in their work and the way they react in a near-crisis, and I thought everyone ought to know.

Little Miss Clumsy

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