Macleod’s no Meg

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Dear Miss Macleod,
After recently reading several of your ‘horoscopes’ I’ve become more and more convinced you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Most weeks I find your predictions amusing, but not in a good way.

Being a 3rd year student, graduating this July I find your prediction of the Gemini horoscope this week rather offensive & dismissive.

I’m pretty sure you’re no ‘mystic meg’ or anything alike, so your ‘prediction’ that I should fall into a “future of employment”, is not only
unnecessary but absurd. You cannot predict the future, or tell fellow students that because of the month they were born they are not suited to the employment spectrum or opportunity.

What degree do you actually do? And if you wish to pursue a career in ‘Horoscopes’ I would quit whilst I was ahead, but in your case behind.

Yours Sincerely
Danielle Harrison,
Lonsdale College

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