New etickets set to eliminate Extrav queues


Some of Lancaster’s colleges have recently released the themes to their Extravs, whilst LUSU are implementing an e-ticketing system to make purchasing tickets fairer and easier.

Extravs will be taking place between Tuesday and Thursday of Week Ten. One of the issues concerning tickets in previous years was that students were queuing and purchasing an excessive amount of tickets resulting in many students not acquiring tickets for their own college, despite queuing for prolonged periods. Therefore, eticketing has been introduced to offer a fairer way for people to buy them. Mather said of the new ticketing system: “I think it’s a better idea because priority goes to people in that college. I know loads of people who couldn’t get tickets for their own college events last year and the whole queuing up three hours before the tickets went on sale was a bit of a joke. When they did go on sale people were buying up to 20 tickets for them and all their mates. The eticketing system is fairer and is definitely a better system than last year.”

Tickets will be going on sale at 10am on Saturday Week Seven. Tickets will cost £6 if purchased in person at the bars, with a further £1 booking fee if the ticket is bought online. Each Extrav has a limit of 1000 tickets available. Last year, some students complained that they weren’t able to get tickets for their own college’s Extrav, eticketing this year aims to eliminate that problem. For the first four hours that the tickets are on sale, only members of the specific Extravs’s college will be able to purchase them, and the ability to buy tickets for non-college members on their behalf has been removed. After those four hours have passed, if there are any remaining tickets, anyone will be able to purchase them. Leaflets explaining the process on how to get the tickets and the rules surrounding it will be distributed by the respective colleges over the coming weeks.

On the Tuesday, Furness’ Extrav will be taking place and the theme is set as Rumble in the Jungle. Newly co-opted Furness President Rob Dickinson said: “We’ve got a rocking tribute band as well as DJ’s, bit of soul, covers, singing and something to ride.” Lonsdale and Grizedale will also be hosting their Extravs, however they are yet to confirm their themes.

Wednesday plays host to Pendle, Fylde and Bowland. Pendle’s theme has been confirmed as Black Magic. This will be their first Extrav to make use of the new bar which was reopened in Lent Term. Matt Jones of Pendle’s JCR said that the theme will take on “the outdoors, almost animalistic route associated with voodoo black magic and witchcraft”. Regarding the witch trials, he also added that the theme “echoes of Pendle’s own history and the Pendle witches”.

Fylde’s Extrav theme will be Cirque Du Fylde Part II. Fylde had this theme in 2005, and according to the Facebook page, there is set to be an “amazing line up of bands, DJs, performances and dancers”.

The final day of Extravs sees Cartmel follow on from their nostalgic movie related Extrav last year, going from Grease to Star Wars with Cartmel Strikes Back. The theme for Bowland’s and County’s Extravs is also yet to be confirmed.

Chris Mather, a third year Fylde student was asked which Extrav’s he’d want to go to. “Obviously I’d choose to go to Fylde because that’s my college, and Lonsdale because theirs was so good last year.”

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