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For the past few years now, University senior management have talked about a “new dawn” for sport at Lancaster, and finally we can begin to realise this in the biggest way possible.

A new Sports Centre certainly will not cure all of the issues our students face by any means, but it shows a clear and positive direction change by the University showing that our students and their experiences matter. Hopefully we will be able to have many more groups using the Sports Centre, regardless of their BUCS status or not. If there is a suitable time for the venue to be used then that is what I, and the rest of the Activities Office will try to make happen.

One thing I already cannot wait for is to see the new Sports Centre in all its glory when we host Roses in May, which should really maximise its potential.  With the Sports Centre as our venue for everything going on, the entire weekend is set to have an entirely different feel to that of Roses 2010 for those of you who were there to see that.

For anyone yet to see a home Roses, believe me when I say you are in for one heck of a weekend.  Hopefully, if my Roses Exec and I do things properly, you guys will experience something you may possibly not experience again with regards to this event. I don’t really wish to talk in hyperbolic statements, but this type of chance doesn’t really come around too often in terms of this event, so I really hope you will be impressed!

Over the course of the summer vacation, I have been given a guarantee that there will be no exams for anyone on the Saturday of the weekend of Roses.  This is something that to my knowledge has never happened before, and hopefully will minimise the impact that exams have on this fantastic event.

If there is one thing I can say for this upcoming year, it is that this is a year of opportunity.  Do not let it pass you by at all.  Take any chances you want to and make sure you maximise your potential, because I’ll certainly be trying to do it for you too with every choice I make.

If anyone has any thoughts on the new Sports Centre, please do not hesitate to contact me at , and I will try to make your voice heard when I meet with the Centre on a regular basis. Please try to make sure you have something constructive rather than just basing your opinion on hearsay and rumours!

May I take this chance to wish you all the very best for the upcoming year, let’s bring things to a whole new level.

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