Don’t just say it, DO IT!


It’s probably coming to that time of year when you begin to realise that pretty soon you’re going to have to get back into the rhythm of the university lifestyle. It seems that students find it easy to get used to what we like to call a ‘routine’ when in university (the routine of lie-ins, watching daytime TV and having many nights out, mixed in with the lectures and seminars that we have to attend), which in real terms is probably the furthest thing from a structured routine you can actually find.

Making changes for the better and preparing for the coming year therefore comes with many difficulties, and it is definitely an arduous task for students. So let’s make it easier for you. One obvious way to prepare for the coming year is to make an early start. From past experience it’s always easy to say you’re going to start doing things earlier this year, like reading for your course or revising for exams. We’ve all said it before, but why not take an opportunity to actually read ahead over summer and be slightly more prepared than last year while you’ve got plenty of time to do so.

If you’re thinking about carrying on with a society or even joining a new one for the year it’s probably best to prioritise your time. If you know how to do this well then you are very lucky, as everyone feels the strain of balancing their social life with the academic struggles that we encounter through the year. An important question that you may have to ask yourself during the next year, if you really want to get the grades you need is which one is more important, my degree or the Sugarhouse?

Maybe you crumble under peer pressure to go out? Stay strong! Refuse point blank! Or if you are useless at saying no then lock yourself in your room for a few days like a hermit, pretending to have the flu/food poisoning/tonsillitis, or all of the above, and ignore any phone calls or texts that you get from persistent friends trying to get you out (to be honest this could work wonders, but it might just start many rumours that you’re doing something slightly creepy in your room).

Money is also one of the biggest problems students are accustomed to whilst living away at uni, and if you don’t acquire any funds from Mummy and Daddy’s handouts then I’m sure you have experienced the stress of your bank account pretty much constantly being in minus numbers. Make sure you get the loans that you will need in order to live comfortably for the year, set yourself an affordable budget and always remember that pre-drinking is much cheaper for nights out.

Why not make this the year to do the things you’ve always wanted to do? Book a holiday, go travelling, get some interviews lined up, and just take the time to think about how you want to spend the year ahead.

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