Stride of pride or walk of shame?

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The walk of shame is something hundreds of people have done for many years.  It’s an almost accepted essential part of the single university lifestyle and ‘dating scene’, and to make it through your entire time at university without doing it once would be an achievement in itself.  Whether you met the man of your dreams wearing your beer goggles the night before or you simply ‘fell asleep’ at a friend’s, it’s all the same when trying to make that journey home the following morning.

But should we be embarrassed? If so many people have done it for such a long time, then why is it still the walk of shame? Or do you see it differently?  Why can’t it be the stride of pride?

Living with three, somewhat promiscuous housemates assured me that when given this article I would not need to look very far to understand the true embarrassment of this walk home.  And right on cue, the following day my housemate; we’ll call her ‘Hannah’, stumbled into the kitchen at midday, dressed in last night’s school girl outfit, make up smeared down her face, with hair looking tellingly ruffled.  Having walked a good twenty minutes through town trying to pass off as an actual school girl (I’m sure the mini skirt, with long socks and tied up shirt, may have given her away) her embarrassment had only just begun when she strolled into the living room, half drunk and found Danny’s (another housemates) parents sat enjoying a nice cup of tea.  Not the greatest first impression, but it was the source of great amusement for the rest of us.

The week continued and little did I know that I would get some firsthand experience of the walk of shame myself.  Falling asleep at a friend’s house after going out Friday night I found myself power walking through town on a busy Saturday morning, wearing a backless top and a pair of leather shorts.  Not really the kind of clothing people normally pop out to the shops in.  Trying to avoid all stares from disapproving elderly couples and curious children I put my head down and half ran home.  I really wanted to have a massive sign that said, “We just fell asleep, I swear!”

So for me, it was definitely the walk of shame, but if you have gone out and had a good time and are not ashamed about what you’ve done then why can’t it be the stride of pride?

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