Learning Zone responds to the Student Experience Survey


The student advisor team (from left to right): Jonathan O'Reilly, Gemma Crowther, Rachel Armstrong, Lucy Atkinson, Laura Ettenfield, Ian Lovering; Photo by Paul Newman

Due to the feedback of the  recent Student Experience Survey, the Learning Zone has undergone various changes in order to cater to the needs of students at Lancaster.

In a recent article in SCAN, it was revealed that a ‘Quiet Zone’ will be opened adjacent to the Learning Zone, giving students a silent alternative to the Library that will also be open 24 hours a day.

Along with this, there have also been new members added to the Learning Zone team, titled ‘Student Advisers’. Paul Newnham, Senior Library Assistant and the Student Adviser’s Line Manager, explained that the Student Advisers are in place in order to provide peer-to-peer support, such as technical help with the University Databases including LUVLE, One Search, the new e-mailing system, or even the Library Catalogue.

The advisers can also help students with other technicalities, such as the interactive white boards, printers, or data projectors within the pods.

One of the main problems highlighted in the Student Experience Survey was that students felt the Learning Zone was not supervised sufficiently. These Student Advisers are therefore seen as a way to ensure that the code of use within the Learning Zone is being adhered to, along with maintaining a positive learning environment.

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