LUSU Full Time Officer Elections 2012


The candidates line-up at the start of the campaigning period

Election Review

Here come the girls…

Election Results

President: Ste Smith
Vice President (Academic): Richard Clark
Vice President (Activities): Liz Ashworth
Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity): Rosalia O’Reilly
Vice President (Events and Democracy): Libby Martin
Vice President (Media and Communications): Rachel Harvey

FTO Candidates’ Speeches Live Feed

Live coverage from the FTO Election Candidates’ Speeches on Tuesday 6th March

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Candidate Interviews

There are 21 candidates standing in the LUSU Full Time Officer elections. You will see them out and about over the next two weeks. You may get invited to a Facebook page or two. But do you really know why they’re running? Why they think they’re the best candidate? SCAN sat down with each candidate and discussed the hot topics that will affect their potential year in office.

LUSU President


Vice President (Academic)


Vice President (Activities)


Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity)


Vice President (Events and Democracy)


Vice President (Media & Communications)/SCAN Editor


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